How to Watch IPTV for FREE on Linux with Hypnotix

Linux is amazing, it’s fast, secure, and free. Coincidentally you can watch TV for free on Linux too!

Welcome to Hypnotix:

An open-source IP-TV player that can play TV Channels, Movies and TV Series. It has a very simple user interface, great performance and a whole bunch of channels if you set it up correctly.

Installing Hypnotix:

To install it run the following commands [if you’re using Linux Mint “My favourite Linux Distro” you already have it installed]. If you don’t, go ahead and run these commands in the terminal:

wget apt install ./hypnotix_1.1_all.deb

Setting it up:

  1. Once installed, click on “Providers”

2. Click on “Add a new Provider”

3. Add the following:

Name: Free-IPTV (or name of your choosing)

Type: M3U URL


Enjoy your free IP-TV

Once you click OK you’ll be able to watch freely available channels across the world.

The channels come from a github repository you may care to star:

Have fun, enjoy and thanks for reading :)

Leave a comment if you have any trouble.


Brian Palmer

Big dreams, lines of code, sleepless nights. A humble father, leaving a legacy embraced through his passion of technology.

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