Developers aren’t the only ones raking in the dough. You too can get your slice of the lucrative IT pie by playing a supportive role to programmers.

Technical Writer

$45–$55 per hour

I’ve never met a developer that loves writing documentation. Even fewer that write great documentation. Some people love writing though and Technical Writers are great at it. They break down the features and functionalities of complex solutions into human-readable content. The output can be anything from documentation, blog posts, manuals, reports, it all depends on the client.

Master Data Management Specialist (MDM Specialist)

$60–$70 per hour

Master data is storing an accurate single source of truth for related entity information as a companies reference data. It can be Project Information, Change Requests, Inspection Notes, Customer Profiles, etc.

Most MDM solutions come with point-and-click…

Linux Mint is my favourite distro. It’s fast, super stable and simplistic. Everything works out of the box and it has all of the functionality you’d expect from a great operating system.

Here are 10 Things I do after installing Linux Mint:

1. Setup TimeShift (For Backup and Restore)

Out of the box Linux Mint includes TimeShift which is perfect for setting up scheduled backups. I like to take an immediate backup of my system so if I ever screw things up, it is easy to go back to the initial vanilla state.

After selecting RSYNC for the Snapshot Type. …

Linux has been my go-to OS for the past decade. It’s fast, stable, secure and best of all it’s free. I’m usually good with most distros, Ubuntu has great compatibility, Linux Mint is simplistic, Elementary OS has a great User Experience. Then there is Clear Linux.

Clear Linux is Intel’s spin on a Linux OS. It is fastest performing Linux OS to date. On a normal workload I’m only using 3GB the system admittedly feels fast and responsive.

Linux is amazing, it’s fast, secure, and free. Coincidentally you can watch TV for free on Linux too!

Welcome to Hypnotix:

An open-source IP-TV player that can play TV Channels, Movies and TV Series. It has a very simple user interface, great performance and a whole bunch of channels if you set it up correctly.

Brian Palmer

Big dreams, lines of code, sleepless nights. A humble father, leaving a legacy embraced through his passion of technology.

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